Corporate Wellness

Return on Investment in Wellness

Today’s business environment is all about results. Capturing and retaining the best and brightest employees is only half the battle.  Providing them with the resources to perform at their peak and reducing health care costs has proven to increase Return on Investment. The experts at Marathon Fitness have over 20 years of experience in designing corporate fitness centers and programs, customized to each organization’s unique culture and needs.   Our solutions include:

  • Employee Surveys and Needs Assessments
  • Conceptual  Facility Design
  • Onsite Programming
  • Full Service Site Planning and Development

Our on-site team of seasoned health and wellness professionals have helped nationally recognized company’s such as Conoco, Shell, Dell, Apple, Valero, University of Texas Medical System, and BP just to name a few.     Learn more about our fitness solutions for Corporate Wellness by speaking to one of our area specialist.