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How to Appeal to the Millennials (also named the “Experience Generation”)

How to Appeal to the Millennials (also named the “Experience Generation”)
27 Feb 2017 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks Kim Benz


As Millennials continue to delay home ownership, renting has become the new normal for this demographic, making them prime residents for the multi-family industry.

“Property owners regard Millennials as the “Experience Generation.” That is not only a theory as to why they might be renting apartments longer, but also an indicator of the type of amenities they prefer. Today’s Millennials are seeking more than just a place to stay. They are demanding a truly immersive resort-style living experience” according to fitness pro Tina Connors located in Phoenix, AZ.

Free coffee in common areas, very high-speed Wi-Fi and USB charging ports are becoming a must. As are fitness centers at the top of the list of amenities for this demographic. By providing a modern fitness center, property owners can cater to this demand, while also cultivating a sense of community at their apartments. By developing and maintaining over the top fitness centers with high usage patterns, property owners realize higher rates of retention through the sense of belonging to the fitness center “tribe”.

About Tina Connors: 10+ year wellness and fitness professional with experience helping some of the nation’s largest companies in New York City and more recently in Arizona for top companies such as Aetna, Alliance Residential.

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