Using COVID relief funding to support health and fitness.

COVID Relief Funding for Schools

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging and exhausting in ways we never imagined. It has required an extremely present approach to educational planning even as it demanded remote and hybrid learning. Recognizing the unprecedented circumstances, the federal government has made an extraordinary amount of funding available to help schools and communities respond through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) and Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Programs

The five funding streams that make up ESSER and GEER allow for interpretation based on individual state and community needs. The legislation and guidance documents clearly indicate these funds can be used for preparation for and rapid response during the pandemic as well as for community recovery and longer-term preparation for similar future challenges. The pandemic showed us we have a lot more work to do to educate our communities about health and improve health outcomes. It also showed us we are creative problem-solvers able to respond to any challenge when we work together. How will your school use ESSER and GEER funds to re-envision and realize your student achievement and community health outcomes?
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Why Can Funds Be Used to Pay for Fitness Equipment?

Depending on your local needs and priorities, fitness equipment may be critical to: ensuring students can engage in socially distanced in-person learning, your strategy for addressing learning loss during regular or extended learning time, new curricula around immune system health, and/or supporting unique learning needs, to name just a few examples.

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How Does My School Apply/Access These Funds?

These are formula grants, NOT competitive grants. State education departments will make awards to local education agencies based on Title I Part A funding proportions. Contact your state agency for application details.

How can funds be used?

Funds can be used for almost any purpose within the areas of COVID-19 pandemic preparedness, response, and/or recovery. The federal government has approved a very broad range of activities to ensure schools, communities, and states have the flexibility needed to address local needs and priorities during this crisis.

How Important Are Outcomes?

Outcomes are critical to your success and must be demonstrated to account for ESSER and GEER funds spent. Consider how you can show fitness investment has improved pandemic readiness, response, and/or recovery for your schools. For help thinking this through, contact your Marathon Fitness Sales Rep!

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